Feles Infernum

Feles Infernum is a game made for a Retro-themed game jam in 2020. It was made in two weeks by me and a friend of mine. The game still has bugs but we are happy how it turned out.

The project's source is private, but a playable build can be downloaded here on itch.io.


Follow the adventures of the little cat Kore in hell. Control her through many bloody enemies, jumping rocks or risky platforms! Don't worry, she's a cat, she can wall jump (cats CAN do that).

How to play

Main theme

BallMan ยท Feles Infernum


Color palette: https://lospec.com/palette-list/crimson

Graphics, design and code by @dessertlynx.

Sound design and code by me.

Everything has been made to emulate the feeling of a GameBoy game (aspect ratio, four colors palette, etc.) including music and sfx (synthetized with a GameBoy soundchip emulator).