Don't drown, littles

A game realized for the GGJ2020 with a team of friends.

To download, visit the jam's page.

Realized with GMS2.


The whole game is built around the jam's theme: repair.

Our proud ants wanted to have a normal work day, but a sudden storm starts threatening their anthill. The ants will have to cooperate in order to fix the leaks and stop water from flooding everything.

How to play

The game is played with the mouse, in RTS style.

Select the ants with left click, by dragging a rectangle on the screen (or select a single one directly clicking on it).

Move the selected ants with right click.

Guide the ants to the nearest rock, pick it up and use it to fix holes in the anthill. When all the holes are fixed that section of the anthill is safe, and the level is complete.

Keep an eye on the water level! If the water completetely submerges an ant, it will die.

Main theme

BallMan ยท Snd Main Track


Code and music by me.

The rest of the team can be seen at the jam's page.