NYC Taxi Fare Prediction

Machine Learning to predict taxi fares. From a Kaggle challenge. In collaboration with Michele Faedi.

Lone Planet

A sci-fi adventure with puzzle platform elements. Coming soon on Steam.


Deliver the moon to the skies. Arcade web mobile and desktop game, on GX games.


A desktop game about a teleprinter operator working for the army. Made in GMS2.3.


A mobile arcade game inspired by Space Invaders. Written in Python3 with desper and SDL2.


You are going to visit someone at the local graveyard, what could possibly go wrong?

Don't drown, littles

Realized for the GGJ2020. Save the ants from the rain. Made in GMS2.


A static website generator, supporting multiple templates.

Feles Infernum

Follow the adventures of the little cat Kore in hell. A desktop game made using GMS2.3.


A tiny esoteric programming language.